James Loud

James Loud

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Modern Web Applications are composed of many parts and technologies. They may transclude, reference or have information flows between resources at the same, related or different origins.

Launched in February 2011, the Web and TV Interest Group is to provide a forum for Web and TV technical discussions, to review existing work, as well as the relationship between services on the Web and TV services, and to identify requirements and potential solutions to ensure that the Web will function well with TV.

The Web and TV Interest Group's scope covers Web-based media distribution which is currently done by media services over a variety of distribution channels (IP, satellite and terrestrial broadcasting, cable, telecomm, etc.) to a variety of devices (TV-sets, phones, tablets, PCs, game machines, etc.).

The Web and Mobile Interest Group is a forum for discussion of requirements of Web technologies that enable the development of competitive products and services that operate on mobile devices, or use mobile devices as hubs of connected user experiences.

The User Agent Accessibility Guidelines explain to user agent developers how to make their products more accessible to people with disabilities and for increasing usability for all users.