Network Coding Research Group - The objective of the Network Coding Research Group (NWCRG) is to research Network Coding principles and methods that can benefit Internet communication.

One goal of the NWCRG is to gather the research results and posit the open questions related to Network Coding in order to develop practical applications of Network Coding that improve Internet communication. Another goal is to gather information on the existing practical implementations of Network Coding, distill common functionalities and propose a path to standardization of Network Coding-enabled communication.


Network Coding is a technique that can be used to improve a network’s throughput, efficiency, latency, and scalability, as well as resilience to partition, attacks, and eavesdropping, as compared to traditional methods. In Network Coding, these benefits are achieved by exploiting computing and storage at endpoints and intermediate nodes. It has been shown that Network Coding is necessary to achieve maximum information flow in a network, based on principles of Information Theory.

The field of Network Coding has enabled advances in communication areas including wireless networks, content distribution and peer-to-peer design.

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