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Mobile broadband enabled globally in the 694-790 MHz frequency band

The ITU World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15), currently in session in Geneva has taken a key decision that will provide a globally harmonized solution for the implementation of enhanced capacity for mobile broadband in the 694-790 MHz frequency band.

The decision allocates this band to the mobile service for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) in ITU Region-1 which covers Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. A similar decision had been taken during the World Radio communication Conference in 2007 (WRC-07) for ITU Region-2 (Americas) and Region-3 (Asia-Pacific).

European countries have already been quite proactive on their own: in June, Germany became the first European market to sell off 700-MHz spectrum, and France announced last week the conclusion of its 700-MHz auction.

Spectrum in the 700 MHz band is well suited to providing mobile broadband coverage indoors and over large areas. The ITU said its decision provides full protection to TV broadcasters and aeronautical navigation services that also use the 700 MHz band.