The Name "Customer Information Quality" is just the operating name of the Technical Committee. The scope of the TC is much broader than "Customer Information".

This Committee concentrates on developing global and generic industry standards for managing "Party Centric Information". "Customer" is a type of "Party".

The word "Customer" is used as a generic term and it can be replaced by line of business specific or industry terms (specific to the context) such as: Beneficiary, Business Entity, Citizen, Client, Contact, Guest, Legal Entity, Organisation, Partner, Party, Patient, Prospect, Subscriber, Supplier, Service Provider, Trust, Trustee, etc. All these types of "customer(s)" are a type of "Party".

The objective of the OASIS CIQ TC (formed in 2000) is to deliver a set of XML Specifications for defining, representing, interoperating and managing "PARTY (Person or Organisation) CENTRIC INFORMATION" that are truly open, vendor neutral, industry and application independent, and importantly "Global" (ability to represent international data formats such as different types of party names and addresses used in 241+ countries).

This is the only group in the world that is dedicated to developing Party Information Specifications that are vendor, application, industry and technology neutral, and importantly, open and global.

The CIQ family of specifications are designed to represent party data (e.g. name and address) independent of any culture, geographical location, application or industry at an abstract (simple representation of data - free text format) or detailed (complex representation, i.e. breaking the data into its atomic elements - structured format) level from a data integrity and quality perspective and therefore, is truly a "global" (International) specification for representing party information.

CIQ Specifications enables organisations to have a unified and consistent representation and standardization of their party data (e.g. employee, members, suppliers, partners, customers, etc) and use it to support various application requirements in the organisation that deal with party data (e.g. Master Data Management (MDM), Customer/Party Data Integration, Party identification/recognition/identity management, HR, billing, sales, marketing, data quality and integrity, e-commerce/e-business, party data exchange, postal services, customer/party views, etc). By representing and managing party data consistently using CIQ specifications as the base scheme for an organisation, and extending it to support specific business requirements, unique identitification, integration, standardisation, matching, synchonization and management of quality party information/data is possible.

OASIS CIQ Specifications play a critical role in enabling party oriented software services based on SOA principles to exchange, interoperate and integrate party data in a consistent, standard and open manner between IT systems/applications and processes. It enables "loose coupling of party data" (the business payload) in conjunction with loose coupling of the software services infrastructure (web services-WSDL and other standards).

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