The Performance and Accessibility for Communications Products TR-41 committee develops and maintains voluntary standards for the performance and accessibility of communications products. The products addressed by these standards include telephones with handsets, headsets, and speakerphones, communications gateways, and other products that are typically installed at the user’s premises. The products may connect to a communications network using digital and analog wireline or radio (e.g., Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth®) media. They may connect directly to the network or through another device (e.g. a USB headset connected through a computer). TR-41’s standards may include performance requirements for voice, video, and other features that are associated with communications services. They cover requirements for a product’s performance related to signal transmission, environmental impacts, interfacing to networks and other equipment, accessibility, and usability. TR-41 addresses issues pertaining to administrative aspects of regulatory product approval processes and develops criteria for preventing harm to the telephone network, which become mandatory when adopted by the Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments (ACTA). TR-41 is a point of contact for expert technical opinions, advice, and actions for standards development for government agencies that deal with communications including the FCC. It also provides input to other organizations that develop and publish product safety standards.

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