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The Web and Mobile Interest Group is a forum for discussion of requirements of Web technologies that enable the development of competitive products and services that operate on mobile devices, or use mobile devices as hubs of connected user experiences.

Mobile devices include but are not limited to mobile phones.

The forum is intended to include organisations that commission such products and services, designers, developers, equipment manufacturers, tool and platform vendors, browser vendors, operators and other relevant participants in the value chain that creates and operates such products and services.

It is intended that the forum provides a focus for participants from a wide range of sectors including retail, advertising, technology, network operators, content creation and content distribution.

The tasks the Interest Group will undertake include:

  • Advocacy and maintenance of the set of core features identified in the Core Mobile Web Platform — 2012 report, including liaison with the testing efforts that enable greater interoperability of these features;
  • Tracking and documenting Web technologies that are particularly relevant on mobile devices, as initiated in the Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: current state and roadmap document;
  • Reviews of existing W3C specifications that have particular relevance to mobile devices, with a goal in particular to point out inconsistencies between specifications developed separately;
  • Identification of new features that are necessary to support wide adoption of the Web as a platform within the scope of the group, both from a technical and commercial perspective;
  • Definition of requirements that enable Web technologies to be used when designing user experiences that are responsive to the user’s context; for instance, what Web technologies are required to make location-specific Web applications easier to discover and access.
  • Definition of requirements that enable Web technologies to be used to enable cross- and multi-device user experiences.
  • Definition of guidelines and requirements that promote app usability and efficiency.
  • Definition of requirements to ensure Web technologies fulfill the needs specific to developing countries.

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