As Web browsers and the Web engine components that power them become ubiquitous across a range of operating systems and devices, developers are increasingly using Web technologies to build applications and are relying on Web engines as application runtime environments.

Examples of applications now commonly built using Web technologies include reservation systems, online shopping / auction sites, games, multimedia applications, maps, enterprise-specific applications, interactive design applications, and PIM (email, calendar, etc) systems.

The target environments for the Web Applications Working Group's deliverables include browsers on desktop, mobile devices such as phones and tablets, televisions, and other devices, as well as non-browser environments that make use of Web technologies. The group seeks to promote universal access to Web applications across a wide range of devices and among a diversity of users, including users with particular accessibility needs. The APIs must provide generic and consistent interoperability and integration among all target formats, such HTML, XHTML, and SVG.

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