International Professional Fora:

A study of civil society organisation participation in internet governance

International Professional Fora:

A study of civil society organisation participation in internet governance

The links below provide access to key resources relating to stakeholder governance within technical standard developing fora.




ATIS Operating Procedures for ATIS Forums and Committees

ATIS Developing an 'ATIS standard'



CEPT ECC, Report 224: Long Term Vision for the UHF broadcasting band, 2014

CEPT ECC, Final report from CEPT of WRC-15, 2nd – 27th November, 2015

Collaboration between IETF and ITU-T, 2012



Distributed Ledger Technology: beyond block chains. A report by the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Government Office of Science, 2015

Decision on the use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band in the European Union, 2017



European Commission Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO)

European Commission Communication on Internet Policy and Governance: Europe's role in shaping the future of the Internet, 2014

European Commission Communication on Setting out the EU approach to Standard Essential Patents, 2017



Frequently asked questions about ISOC and W3C, 2009.



Halpin, Harry, The reponsibility of Open Standards in the Era of Surveillance, 2016



IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee

IEEE 802/IETF Relationship, last updated 2014.

IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws, 2015.

IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual, 2015

IETF Intellectual property rules, 2017

IETF Mission Statement, 2004

IETF On Consensus and Humming in the IETF, 2014

IETF Process: An Informal Guide, 2015

IETF Standards

IETF Standards process

IETF Trends and Observations, 2016.



Joint Statement of Affirmation to an open participaty prossess, signed by the IETF, the Internet Society (ISOC), Internet Architecture Board (IAB), W3C, and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2012.



OASIS Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy, 2012

Open Standards principles of standardisation collaboration between Internet Society, IETF, IAB, IEEE and W3C, 2012.

Open Standards principles UK Government, together with a manual on Open standards and licensing, 2015.



Pascal Lamy Report: the future use of the UHF TV broadcasting band, 2014.




Risk & Repeat: The TLS 1.3 clock continues to click, 2018. 



The Tao of IETF, 2012.



WiMAX Intellectual Property Rules

WiMAX Technical Activity Procedures, 2015

W3C Patent Policy, 2017

W3C Standards 

W3C Process Document, latest amendment adopted in 2017